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Media Ethics

Media Ethics
Media is one of the powerful tool to communicate today, but it's being misused or mishandled by many Christians. These are some of the suggestions to be followed

1. Don't attack anybody or any ministry in social  media.

2. Don't criticize any servants of God. If you don't agree something   with them, kindly talk with him or her directly.

3. Don't post/forward anything without knowing the context, in which  it was said.

4. Don't  make fun of any practices in social media,   though it's wrong.  Never forget that non Christians are also  watching it.

5. Before posting think twice the purpose of your posting. If its correcting someone or something, then social media is not the right platform. God looks at our attitude.

6. Never post any baptism photos, which may bring serious issues in future

7. Don't post your private photos. We are moving towards no privacy zone,  which is most dangerous.

8. If anyone attacks us in social media, avoid it. Never try to respond to it.  By arguments we are not going to win anyone.

9. we shouldn't throw stones from inside. Ultimately Kingdom of God will be affected.

10. Post something relevant,  informative,  interested,  edifying  etc

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